About Lightess

Founded in 2015, Lightess has focused on finding cost-effective and ornamental lamps for users for 6 years. Through our unremitting efforts, Amazon recognized the LIghtess brand and passed the brand certification. Becoming an Amazon-certified brand gave us encouragement. At the same time, it also lets us know that we are striving in the right direction.

Lightess prides itself on having the largest selection of lighting products, from wall lamps to chandeliers and table lamps, from floor lamps to outdoor lighting. Whether you are looking for the perfect lighting system for your living or working space, you can find what you want in Lightess.

Light up your life, as lighting designers say, good lighting has a huge impact on indoor space, but they also say that light can affect mood, work efficiency and health. Please feel free to browse our website and choose your favorite lamp.